About Us

Aaron writes and teaches for Delve Writing

Aaron Brown


Aaron writes about the journey of writing. He’s been on that road himself a while, collecting his fair share of bumps, bruises, scabs, and scars. After leaving a fancy fat-paycheck-paying career, he started www.delvewriting.com to gather up some fellow travelers and see whether a committed tribe could accomplish more than a bunch of solitary souls acting on their own.

When he’s not writing or entrepreneuring, he studies philosophy and comparative religion on a slow but steady parallel quest toward a divinity degree from Iliff School of Theology. What that means for this blog is that he’s as prone to write about the Buddha as he is to write about the Big Bad World of Publishing.

He invites your quandaries and questions at any time and would love to help you on your own journey.



Chris Mandeville

Chris Mandeville


Chris writes about her path toward publication; the goals she makes, meets, and misses; the demons and ducks that plague her; and the many ways writers can get unstuck.

She is the President of Delve Writing and as such is responsible for finding and hosting all of our fabulous guests from the publishing world, connecting with conferences and writing associations, hosting open critiques and craft workshops, and generally ensuring the wheels stay on the bus and the engine keeps purring.

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