Agents B, D, E, F, G and C

This week has been a good one in the ongoing saga of manuscript submissions.

As you may recall, my writing demons —try as they did— could not prevent me from submitting “partials” of my manuscript to Agent A (who subsequently rejected it), and to a new addition to my roster, Agent D (who I’m waiting to hear back from).  This week my plan was to send a “full” to Agent B and Agent C who each requested the complete manuscript.

THIS I ACCOMPLISHED:  The full manuscript, along with a short synopsis, are now in the possession of Agent B.

And there was much rejoicing!

“But what about Agent C?” you may be asking.

“For the moment forget about Agent C,” I reply.  “Because I’ve added Agents E, F, and G.”

[Is this starting to sound like The Cat in the Hat, or is that just me?]


The Cat in the Hat?

You see, I’ve known Agents E and F for many years.  They’re in the same agency, and I often see one or the other at conferences.  We’re fairly friendly, and I like both of them a lot.  A very long time ago I submitted a very green manuscript to Agent E, which she very politely rejected.  I haven’t submitted anything to her since because frankly I was embarrassed by the amateur quality of my previous submission (which I did mention was a LONG time ago, right?).  As fate would have it, I saw Agent E recently at a conference and enjoyed spending time with her, so I got up my courage to send her a query.  Almost immediately I received a note back requesting I send a partial to both her AND Agent F, who happens to be looking for the genre I write.  So I sent that off today.

I’ve also known Agent G for quite some time.  I met her at a conference many years ago, and we’ve kept in touch.  Awhile back I submitted a different manuscript to her, and she said she was really torn about rejecting it, so she asked me to contact her when I had another manuscript ready.  I sent her an email today telling her about my current project.  We’ll see if she wants to take a look.

Isn’t that great?  I have submissions pending with Agents B, D, E and F, and a query out to Agent G.


Photo by Dyanna Hyde courtesy of Creative Commons

So like I said in the beginning, I’m feeling pretty good about this week.  I’ll see y’all next week !

What’s that?  Oh, you’re asking about Agent C?

Now why’d you have to go and do that.  I was trying to avoid that subject by distracting you with all my other news.

Alas the truth is I’m procrastinating on the submission to Agent C because she asked for a full manuscript, a synopsis for that manuscript, and a synopsis for a sequel.

The problem is, I don’t have a synopsis for the sequel.  I don’t have a synopsis for the sequel because I don’t have a sequel (yet).  My previous draft of my W-I-P was a stand-alone, but my shiny new revised ending is screaming for a follow-on.  I mentioned this to Agent C when I met her, thus her request to include that with my submission.

What’s a girl to do?

“Write a synopsis,” I hear you saying.  But how?

Well, I do have a handy-dandy not-exactly-secret method for writing synopses using a tool called “the plotting grid”…


Since you’re insisting (and rightly so) that I write this blasted thing, I’ll set that as my goal for the coming week:

GOAL:  Write synopsis for Book 2 using the plotting grid

And since I’m feeling spunky after shipping off so many things to agents this week, I’ll one-up you:

I’ll document how I write the synopsis using the grid – complete with photos – and report back here next week.

Sound good?

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