Demons of Flood and Facebook

Chris is switching to our new blog as of today. Next week, look for a Wednesday post from Aaron and a Friday post from Chris. That schedule should continue for the foreseeable future.

Today is Friday the 13th, so you’d expect demons. And you’d be correct.

PictureThe great state of Colorado –and home to Delve Writing– is under siege again.  After devastating wildfires, we now have torrential rains and formidable floods.  Delve staffers are safe and mostly dry, but we’re surrounded by friends, neighbors, and countrymen who are battling the rising waters, and in some cases swimming for their lives.

There’s 24-hour news coverage of disaster and destruction–stuff that’s happening mere miles from my house, Facebook is brimming with posts from friends and acquaintances in affected areas, and my cell phone buzzes with an Emergency Alert every few minutes.

Today was supposed to be a binge-day of editing for me, but I admit to finding it difficult to submerge myself in my story when so many around me are literally submerged.


In addition to my own personal Facebook demon, Davy Jones, sitting next to me, I also find myself battling the familiar demons of email and distraction, as well as the occasional call from Mabel & Ethel (the friendly ladies who volunteer their time as the telephone landline demons).

Do these events constitute a genuine reason for not writing?

Sure, if I wanted an excuse not to work on my manuscript, I’d say the events of this Friday the 13th provide a solid one.

But honestly, my ducks are all safe, my house is dry, my power is on (and my computer has mostly recovered from The Great Iced Tea Spill of 2013), so there’s really nothing preventing me from getting some editing done except for me and my personal demons.

So how do I turn off the outside world and tune into my story?

In the face of all the news flashes, flash floods, and flashy demons, my best defense is surprisingly the kitchen timer.

My plan is to disconnect from media (social and otherwise), set the timer for one hour, then dive into my edits.  When the timer beeps I’ll summon my frenemy Davy Jones and together we’ll check Facebook, the answering machine, and the local newsfeed.

Picture Sound like a plan?

If you’re with me, grab your kitchen timer and strap on those water wings!

And keep in mind the best advice
–for writers and disaster victims alike–
in these words-to-live-by from the incomparable Dory:


5 thoughts on “Demons of Flood and Facebook

    • Thanks, Eric. The Delve family is okay, but there are so many people here in Colorado who are stranded, whose homes are flooded, whose neighborhoods and work places are damaged. It will be a long recovery. Thank you for your well wishes!

  1. Write, write, write!

    My neighbors have a spring under their house. The concrete floor was opened to fix the problem. The concrete was also preventing the water from coming into their house and with the latest rain, it’s become a huge problem.

  2. I think it is unnecessary that way Mother Nature is bullying Colorado this year. Didn’t she get the memo? Bullying is Not Cool.
    Keep your head in the game, Chris. You’re an inspiration to us all.

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